I nostri clienti dicono:

"We are pleased with Biofuel 18 and MBP. We have no measurable dust emissions."

Ole Elkjær Larsen, Operational Manager, Hanstholm District Heating, Denmark

"MBP’s experience was of great assistance during our conversion to biofuel. MBP meet all our demands when it comes to quality, price, service and we are glad to continue our collaboration."

Runar Molinder, Manager Tekniska Verket, Köping Municipality, Sweden

"Svendborg District Heating has always experienced that MBP is delivering high quality at the right time."

Carl Madsen, CEO, Svendborg District Heating, Denmark



MBP Opens Offices on Three New Continents

MBP is proud to announce that as part of our global strategy we have during 2011 opened offices in Canada, South Africa and Indonesia. Offices are manned and fully operational in order to support suppliers and customers with daily business. This brings MBP’s presense to five continents: Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia and builds a strong foundation for further international growth in our by-product business.

“Being local and global at the same time allows us to bring advantages from the international market place to our customers and suppliers that we are able to provide with local service and commitment. Meeting our customers and suppliers allows us to explore possibilities and handle problems in a very efficient way – which is a win for our business partners.” States Group Sales Director Jens S. Jacobsen.


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