Our Customers Say:

“For 10 years, we have enjoyed MBP’s well-working, tailor-made by-product solutions for feed applications.”

Joaquín Gajardo, General Manager, Triogroup, Chile

“In 2014 we have received prompt and competent help with legal compliance issues and sales solutions for our rising Omega-3 by-product volumes. We look forward to continue our cooperation in 2015.”

Daniele Polettini, Supply Chain Director, KD Pharma, Germany



MBP Factories and Storages

MBP factories and storage facilities are an important part of the products and services which we offer to both our suppliers and our customers. At the factories we have capabilities to ensure and improve quality as well as blend and add additives that make products meet customer demands. Skilled workers and specialized equipment enable us to handle melting and emptying tasks with flexibility and efficiency.
At the storage facilities, our tanks for liquid products enable us to provide our suppliers of by-products with a reliable collection service, so that collection can take place when our suppliers need it. At the same time, the storage facilities also enable MBP to service our customers with products when they need it. Delivery on time and of the agreed upon quality is important for our customers – and we are dedicated to meet these needs.
MBP Bio Production AS – Factory and Storage facility
This factory and storage facility is situated in Greaaker, Norway right on the Glomma River and with good infrastructure connections to the highway between Oslo and Gothenburg. The factory has more than 8.000 m3 tank storage capacity in large and small tanks. The factory has melting facilities of high quality which enable the melting and emptying of oils and fats in containers of all sizes. The factory has separate lab facilities which enable good quality control.
The factory has direct access to an ISPS harbour with the capacity of taking in ships of up to 4000 m3.
Sveprol Bio Production AB – Factory and Storage Facility
Sveprol is situated in Norrköping, Sweden. Read about Sveprol’s capacity as a collector and processor of used cooking oil.
At Sveprol, MBP has a storage facility with a capacity of more than 1.500 m3. The factory has separate lab facilities which enable good quality control.
MBP Storage Facility in Grenaa, Denmark
The storage facility is situated in the harbour of Grenaa, on the eastern coast of Jutland. In leased tanks, MBP operates a storage facility for biofuels, technical oils and substrates for anaerobic digestion. This sea-side situation enables MBP to take in shiploads for subsequent delivery to end-customers, a service that many customers not having sufficient tank capacity benefit from. A total tank capacity of more than 10.500 m3 allows significant seasonal storage. The tanks allow blending, quality control and improvement.


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