Our Customers Say:

“For 10 years, we have enjoyed MBP’s well-working, tailor-made by-product solutions for feed applications.”

Joaquín Gajardo, General Manager, Triogroup, Chile

“In 2014 we have received prompt and competent help with legal compliance issues and sales solutions for our rising Omega-3 by-product volumes. We look forward to continue our cooperation in 2015.”

Daniele Polettini, Supply Chain Director, KD Pharma, Germany



By-product Services

MBP supplies state of the art services of by-product collection.  Our main focus is on by-products of oils and fats and other liquid by-products as well. In these industries it is our ambition to handle all the by-products derived from the production. In addition to the handling of liquid products, MBP also routinely handles solid by-products in bulk containers, bigbags, bags and containers.


MBP specialises in finding optimal markets for by-products. Through extensive product knowledge as well as know-how about the technical requirements for rawmaterial in various sectors and applications, MBP is able to provide our customers with environmentally sustainable as well as cost efficient products and raw material substitutes. MBP markets products in the areas of: biofuel, technical oils, animal feed, fertiliser and anaerobic digestion substrates.


Business Contact:

Business Contact