Our Customers Say:

“For 10 years, we have enjoyed MBP’s well-working, tailor-made by-product solutions for feed applications.”

Joaquín Gajardo, General Manager, Triogroup, Chile

“In 2014 we have received prompt and competent help with legal compliance issues and sales solutions for our rising Omega-3 by-product volumes. We look forward to continue our cooperation in 2015.”

Daniele Polettini, Supply Chain Director, KD Pharma, Germany



By-product  collection services

MBP is an acronym of Modern By-Products, and the name is a testimony to our dedication to supply state of the art services of by-product collection. Today, MBP is primarily servicing the following industries:
  • Oleochemical
  • Biodiesel
  • Omega-3 concentrate
  • Vegetable and animal oil refineries
  • Food industries
Our main focus is on by-products of oils and fats and other liquid by-products. Within these industries it is our ambition to handle all the by-products derived from the production. In addition to the handling of liquid products, MBP also routinely deals with solid by-products in bulk containers, bigbags, bags and other containers.
In order to meet the demands of our customers in various sectors, MBP always has a demand for by-products, and we have developed several offers of services for the above-mentioned industries:
Long-term by-product management contracts. For suppliers who define the handling of by-products as non-core, or when sudden changes of the marketing of by-products apply, MBP can offer a long-term all-in contract according to which the handling of all by-products is outsourced to MBP. Storage management, quality monitoring, logistics, legal registrations, customs paperwork, marketing and sales, customer credit risk – everything is handled by MBP, and MBP is compensated on the basis of the generated value. For industries needing to rationalize and thus being open to the outsourcing of non-core activities, this is an offer of a new and innovative service with a proven track record.
“We take care of your by-products” agreements. For suppliers where by-product handling is an integrated part of the business, and where the business environment is stable MBP can offer by-product purchasing agreements on a quarterly or yearly basis. Typically, we co-operate with the supplier in order to add value to the products by input in the value chain. The contracts may be flexible in terms of volume and quality, so that MBP can guarantee the supplier, that we take the by-products ’as they are’ and ’as they come’
“Ad hoc” trading. In order to balance his books or to initiate a business relationship, the supplier may find it convenient to sell some volumes to MBP. This is typically a normal contract in which quantity, quality and delivery period are stipulated.

By-product value chain
Figure: showing the value chain relevant for the supplier (tan colour) and for MBP (blue colour). NB: intermediate storage will only take place when this is generating value.
In addition to the above-mentioned activities, MBP also offers the following special services to suppliers:
Destruction of branded products: With product recalls, out of date products or out of spec products, brand owners often face the difficult task of finding a competent partner for brand destruction. MBP has ample experience in the unpackaging of branded products and in securing a safe and legal outlet for these products. Examples of previous jobs include: emptying of cans of baby milk powder / of  retail bottles of vegetable oil / of margarine bars in wrapping and boxes. All destruction takes place at MBP’s own facilities. Please contact MBP if you want advice on how to handle the destruction of branded products.

Distressed parcels and insurance claims. Whenever an unforeseen problem arises with a shipment of a product, it may be impossible to use it for the intended purpose. In this case, the next-best solution is to find a buyer who can find a solution and a suitable application quickly. Our wide network of contacts, our access to various low-requirement applications and to storage facilities, our logistics solutions, and, not least, our financial resources make MBP the right outlet to contact.

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