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“For 10 years, we have enjoyed MBP’s well-working, tailor-made by-product solutions for feed applications.”

Joaquín Gajardo, General Manager, Triogroup, Chile

“In 2014 we have received prompt and competent help with legal compliance issues and sales solutions for our rising Omega-3 by-product volumes. We look forward to continue our cooperation in 2015.”

Daniele Polettini, Supply Chain Director, KD Pharma, Germany



Biogas Feedstock

MBP provides a range of substrates for biogas processing plants, also known as anaerobic digestion plants. The substrates originate from food/feed- or oleo chemical producers where they are generated as inevitable by-products. At MBP we ensure that these products are analyzed and then registered for use in biogas plants. We calculate the gas potential and monitor that the substrates comply with legal requirements and product specifications. This work begins prior to the marketing of the substrate and continues through the lifetime of a product, i.e. as long as it is in MBP’s product portfolio.
The Biogas process
Besides the methane production a valuable residue is also produced, to be used as fertilizer or for soil improvement.
Customer service
Although MBP substrates for biogas on the whole have the same impact and bring the same gas yield across different biogas plants, we realize that each plant is unique. Close cooperation between MBP and biogas producers is essential to maximize the benefits from the substrates and hence optimize biogas productivity. Customers evaluate the products with regards to:
  • gas potential (energy potential)
  • how the product fits into the mixture of substrates
  • compliance to environmental legislation
  • on site handling cost
  • logistics and storage
Over the years we have gained experience from a wide range of biogas plants using various substrates and now know how these substrates should be fed into the process tanks or combined with other material to enhance gas production.
MBP Biogas sales in Europe
MBP sells biogas substrates to biogas plants in Denmark, Sweden and Norway but also increasingly in England, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. These biogas plants can be small farm based plants or big community owned plants. The plants use the biogas (mixture of methane+ carbon dioxide) to produce electricity and heat or they can process the biogas to pure methane in order to use it as fuel for vehicles (upgrading). MBP has a long experience with a variety of substrates and biogas plants. This experience is important in catering to our customer’s needs.
Biogas substrates
Different biogas plants have different needs. At MBP we know that what is the right solution for one plant may not be right solution for another. We are also aware that over time, a biogas plant may need different types of substrates according to season, stability of the plant or other operational considerations. We have a variety of substrates ranging from low cost substrates to more expensive products with an exceptional gas potential. In addition to substrate variety we offer flexibility in delivery. Examples of material
  • Fat sludge
  • Fat slurry
  • Soap stock
  • Fat residue
  • Fat remains
  • Glycerine


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