Our Customers Say:

“For 10 years, we have enjoyed MBP’s well-working, tailor-made by-product solutions for feed applications.”

Joaquín Gajardo, General Manager, Triogroup, Chile

“In 2014 we have received prompt and competent help with legal compliance issues and sales solutions for our rising Omega-3 by-product volumes. We look forward to continue our cooperation in 2015.”

Daniele Polettini, Supply Chain Director, KD Pharma, Germany



MBP Biofuel

MBP biofuels and bioliquids are carbon neutral and cost efficient alternatives to mineral oil based heavy fuels, light fuels as well as diesel.
MBP Biofuels are an environmentally sustainable solution to energy needs in many applications:
  • The EU and an increasing number of countries in the rest of the world are committed to reducing global warming and the increase in green house gasses by reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. The EU has set national targets for renewable energy by 2020 and is busy implementing policies in order to reach these targets. Biofuels and bio liquids are important elements in reaching these targets as they can often be used in already existing facilities and equipment.
  • The EU has addressed the public concern about the adverse consequences of producing biofuels (e.g. high requirements of arable land and insufficient carbon dioxide reduction) through the introduction of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) in 2009. MBP supports the RED and is fully committed to supplying biofuels and bio-liquids complying with the requirements of the RED.
  • MBP has addressed public and customers’ concern about using primary oils which could otherwise be used for human consumption. Through our policy regarding sustainability, MBP is committed to using biofuel and bio-liquid produced only from waste and by-products - not from primary oils.
  • MBP biofuels are used in various applications ranging from B100, a biofuel specifically blended to meet users’ requirements for a biofuel of high value based on tall oil pitch and heads, for road transport, over electricity and CHP plants as well as process heat generation facilities.
Challenges when buying biofuels
In today’s biofuel market it is important to choose an experienced and professional supplier. Here MBP really makes a difference. MBP has been active in biofuels and bioliquids since 1999 and has set up the first biofuel storage and factory in 2002. Today MBP is committed to servicing biofuel customers at an outstanding level of service and quality and thus redefining the whole industry. We invite you to explore this website in order to learn more about how we tackle the challenges of the biofuel market.
  • Biofuels are difficult to source on long-term contracts: Many biofuel customers would like to have long-term supply contracts which give supply security. However, a large part of the international market for biofuel and biofuel ingredients is a short-term market only. Thus, most biofuel suppliers are not able to secure a long-term sourcing contract for biofuels, and sooner or later the sourcing problem of the biofuel seller will be the customer’s problem.
  • Biofuels are difficult to get in steady supply and quality: Most biofuel customers have experienced problems with changing product quality and suppliers’ inability to deliver in season. This is often due to an unfortunate combination of insufficient quality control, lack of long-term supply contracts and instability in supply industries.
  • The biofuel industry is still a new industry – and thus an industry with teething troubles: many new and small players, lack of product standards, suppliers’ and customers’ lack of experience with the products etc. The result of this has been a number of disappointed end-users. Even today, the buyer runs a great risk of getting an unpleasant surprise if he does not get it right.
The MBP Biofuel Concept:
  • MBP has set a new standard in biofuels. It is our conviction that biofuel customers have a right to expect products to be up to the agreed-on quality, to be delivered on time, and contracts to be honoured. At MBP, we know from our customers that these things are not something you can always take for granted in the biofuel industry. At MBP we are determined to raise the standard, and we encourage customers to join us in our efforts to professionalize the biofuel industry.
  • MBP sourcing. MBP has unique long-term relations with an increasing number of suppliers of ingredients for our standardized biofuel products. This puts MBP in the unique position of being able to guarantee long-term contracts. When you buy biofuels from MBP, you can be confident that MBP will honour the contract, as you are not just dealing with the middleman. With our 9 offices worldwide, MBP has a unique sourcing coverage, a fact that gives our customers the advantage of supply certainty as well as cost efficient products.Biodiesel
  • MBP quality focus. MBP is dedicated to supplying quality products – this applies to not just most deliveries – but ALL deliveries. A stringent quality control programme ensuring that all orders are controlled for relevant parameters before delivery to the customer is your guarantee of a problem free application.
  • MBP logistics and supply chain. At MBP we know that our customers expect deliveries on time so that they will not experience outage due to lack of biofuel. This may sound like basic knowledge, but it is not something you can take for granted from all suppliers in this emerging industry. At MBP on time deliveries do not come by chance. On a daily basis, our 9 employees in charge of logistics management and customer service ensure that our products are delivered on time and according to agreement. Delivery on time requires sufficient buffer storage. At MBP we analyse the total supply chain and our Scandinavian oil storage capacity of more than 20.000 m3 ensures that on time delivery happens repeatedly.
  • MBP factories. At MBP’s biofuel factories in Denmark, Norway and Sweden we produce biofuel blends which meet our customer’s requirements. The requirements of the customers become more and more specific in tune with more demanding environmental requirements regarding heavy metals, ash, sulphur, nitrogen etc. State of the art technology in combination with solid technical competence ensures that by-products from various industries are turned into homogeneous biofuels which match our customers’ requirements. MBP’s production technology allows us to provide biofuels with extra low levels of ash and nitrogen, products which our customers require increasingly.
MBP Biofuels
MBP has a range of biofuels with various specifications. MBP seeks to engage with the customer in order to understand his specific needs and the capacity of his technical equipment. Based on our vast experience of the application of biofuels in different settings, MBP will recommend a suitable biofuel as well as set up a supply chain. In order to ensure a completely safe process, MBP will arrange trial deliveries as well as recommend competent 3rd party technical consultants.
MBP can supply the following standardised products:
  • MBP Biodiesel. Can be used in diesel engines. When a 100% biological alternative is wanted, MBP can provide biodiesel produced from bioethanol. Can be used in trucks as well as in stationary engines in connection with combined heat and power (CHP) installations.Biofuel 18
  • MBP Light fuel. Is typically used as a substitute for light heating oils, in situations when tanks are not fitted with insulation or when low viscosity is required. MBP Light Fuel can be supplied with an ash content as low as a maximum of 0,01%. Available in vegetable or mixed origin.
  • MBP Biofuel 18. Is typically used as a substitute for heavy fuel oils. MBP Biofuel 18 can be supplied with an ash content as low as a maximum of 0,01%. Available in vegetable or mixed origin.
  • MBP Biofuel 50. Is typically used as a substitute for heavy fuel where the user has the equipment to handle a fuel with a high melting point, high levels of ash and some contaminants.
  • MBP Biofuel TOP 100. Is a biofuel blended specifically to meet users’ requirements for a biofuel of high value based on tall oil pitch and heads.
When you buy biofuels from MBP you profit from our decade-long experience, expertice and know-how with biofuels. You can rest assured that the volume and quality that has been agreed and is critical to you will be delivered. MBP’s world wide sourcing ensures that you always get a cost efficient solution.
Biodiesel sales
MBP Biodiesel as Engine fuel – our biodiesel is produced by transesterfication used vegetable oils animal fats and can be used (alone or mixed with conventional diesel) in diesel engines. Biodiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic. After 1995, manufacturers switched to rubber gaskets and hoses, and biodiesel can be used in most modern diesel trucks, provided that it meets current standards. Some vehicle manufacturers do not permit the use of biodiesel in vehicles with particulate filters. Biodiesel is as efficient as fossil diesel but contains approximately 6 % less energy than fossil diesel. A lubricant is needed in order to prolong the lifetime of the engine.
We at MBP have for many years assisted transport companies in their conversion from diesel to our MBP Biodiesel, which has resulted in many years of successful cooperation.
Our biodiesel for Engine Fuel is named MBP Biodiesel NS and due to tax regulations this product is sold through our Swedish branch Sveprol Bio Production.
MBP Biodiesel as Heating Fuel - our biodiesel for heating is our most refined and processed biofuel for heating purposes. It is a high quality product and can easily replace any biofuel and conventional fuel like for example #2 diesel, gasoil, light heating oil or EO1, as a more environmentally friendly fuel.
The choice of oils and fats affects the fuel properties, particularly with regard to the characteristics in low temperature range. You can mix biodiesel with fossil diesel or fuels in any proportion. It is especially recommended in wintertime to add fossil diesel to the biodiesel or to add a winterising agent, which will lower the CFPP (melting point temperature).
Our biodiesel for heating is named MBP Biodiesel XNS.
  • If you are interested in biodiesel for engine fuel or heating purpose, please contact the Swiss office +41 32 720 05 20
MBP Contact information
For more information about MBP biofuels, please contact one of our sales offices. At MBP we are available for a dialogue about the best way to meet your biofuel requirements. At MBP, we have extensive experience in how to source, how to produce and how to apply biofuels, we have expertise in incineration technology, and not least: we have thorough insight in the concerned legislation. We will be happy to consult with you and ensure that you get the right solution for you needs.


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